A CLASSY BROAD to Screen at Middleburg Film Fest

A CLASSY BROAD is among an incredible lineup of films showcasing this week, October 20th-23rd at the Middleburg Film Festival in the state of Virginia. Marcia Nasatir, our "Classy Broad" will be in attendance for the screening on Sunday, October 23rd at 3:30pm in the Sporting Library, located at 102 The Plains Rd. Middleburg, VA 20117.  

The Middleburg Film Festival highlights the screening for A CLASSY BROAD: Trying to level the playing field for women in Hollywood is a hot topic these days. But it’s also not a new conversation as the subject of this captivating documentary makes clear. Back in the 1970’s, Marcia Nasatir was one of a handful of women wielding influence in Hollywood. As a Vice President for United Artists, Nasatir championed films that have become American classics, including Rocky & Apocalypse Now.

For more information and tickets, check out middleburghfilm.org