Marcia Nasatir & Anne Goursaud to Jury Austrian American Short Film Festival in NYC

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Marcia Nasatir & Anne Goursaud are thrilled to be joining the Austrian American Short Film Festival as Jury Members for their 2018 festival held in New York City, each hosting an educational masterclass with an official screening of A CLASSY BROAD set for March 28th. 

The Austrian American Short Film Festival (AASFF) is the first of its kind bilateral festival featuring short films in all forms and genres by promising young artists and filmmakers from both Austria and the US. Taking place for the third year in a row, the festival is again presented by and taking place at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York City (ACFNY). An independent Jury selects the best Austrian and American films in the following categories: Narrative/Experimental, Conceptual/Documentary, and Hybrid. The winning films will be screened at Anthology Film Archives, New York, MOMI Museum of the Moving Image, New York and at the frameout-Festival, Museums Quarter, Vienna.

The festival program reflects the diversity and showcases the highlight of contemporary young filmmaking from both countries. The mission of the AASFF is to increase intercultural dialogue – to foster interconnectivity and the exchange of ideas between Austria and the U.S. Featuring talks, Q&As and networking events, the festival provides a platform for young, emerging filmmakers and serves as an incubator for new ideas and projects, encouraging Austrian-American collaboration. The Festival also aims at introducing emerging Austrian talent to the U.S. film community, as well as showcasing work by American filmmakers in Austria.

The Festival was initiated and co-founded by Christine Moser (ACFNY Director) and Stephanie Falkeis (AASFF Festival Curator). Stephanie is pictured here with Marcia and Anne.  

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Catalina Film Festival Honors Nasatir with "Breaking the Glass Ceiling Award"

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Marcia Nasatir was honored at the 7th annual Catalina Film Festival with the inaugural BREAKING THE GLASS CEILING Award on Saturday, September 30, 2017.  Festival Founder & Executive Director Ron Truppa, along with Co-Founder Delious Tim Kennedy presented Marcia with the award highlighting her many groundbreaking achievements in film and storytelling. 

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Marcia was also part of the Women in Film panel with Director Catherine Hardwicke
(pictured above on red carpet and below) Actress Cady McClain and Tamika Lamison of the Make-a-Film Foundation, moderated by Gena Vazquez of Monte Carlo Pictures. 

Left to Right: Cady McClain, Marcia Nasatir, Catherine Hardwicke, Tamika Lamison.

Left to Right: Cady McClain, Marcia Nasatir, Catherine Hardwicke, Tamika Lamison.

Marcia pictured with Luke Guldan, actor from ROCKAWAY film. 

Marcia pictured with Luke Guldan, actor from ROCKAWAY film. 

A CLASSY BROAD was an official selection of the festival and screened Sunday, following the Women in Film panel. 

INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE: Moscow Int'l Film Festival

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A Classy Broad celebrates our INTERNATIONAL DEBUT as an Official Selection at the 39th Moscow International Film Festival with two screenings of our documentary on June 26th and 27th. 

As part of the festival, our director and Hollywood editor Anne Goursaud will be speaking in a webinar for Moscow Film School on July 3rd, covering the following: 

  • As a French woman becoming a director in Hollywood: I started my first big break as I was engaged in directing feature films and, finally, documentary films
  • EDITING OF FUNCTIONAL FILMS: reading the script, the first meeting with the director, watching dailies, from the first to the final installation
  • FUNCTION director-mounting in HOLLYWOOD
  • What are the differences MOUNTING feature films and documentaries.

History of Moscow International Film Festival

The Moscow International Film Festival is one of the oldest in the world. For the first time it was held in 1935 with Sergei Eisenstein as chairman of the Jury but the Festival history is usually traced back to 1959 when it became a regular event. It is noteworthy that the Festival was reborn in the 1960s during the so called “period of thaw”, when film industry experienced an influx of filmmakers of a new generation whose spiritual experience was shaped by the great victory over fascism. In 1959 the opening ceremony of the first “thaw” Festival was held in the grand Palace of Sports in Luzhniki,  Moscow. Chronologically this event coincided with more than the renunciation of the totalitarian path by the leaders of the country, which had only recently been cut off from the West by the Iron Curtain.

In the early 1960s Russian cinema alongside world cinema experienced a period of renewal; competition and out-of-competition programs  of the MIFF featured the names of foreign filmmakers who re-invented the very notion of cinema in their works, who renounced classical forms, rejected acknowledged classical masters. And incidentally, sometimes they made use of the practices of “renunciation” tested by Soviet filmmakers of the 1920s. It goes without saying that not all the innovators whose works overwhelmed the Cannes and Venice in the 1960s found their way to the Moscow festival venues, but MIFF programs of the early 1960s carried the names of Federico Fellini, Valerio Zurlini, Kaneto Shindo. The Festival was attended by well-known stars of the time like Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Finch, Toshiro Mifune, Richard Burton, Anna Karina, Simone Signoret, Jean Marais, Yves Montand. Among the Festival guests were numerous film classics who used the new opportunity to learn about the country which had just lifted the veil off its cultural life. 

Washington Jewish Film Festival

Marcia Nasatir had hoped to run into President Trump while in our nation's capital...but instead she made new friends at the Washington Jewish Film Festival. 

Director Anne Goursaud and our Classy Broad, Marcia Nasatir attended both screenings on May 20th at Bethesda Row Cinema and on May 21st at E. Street Cinema and dazzled the audience during both Q&A's -- they even managed to get in a bit of sightseeing.... although the current administration was nowhere to be found :) 

A CLASSY BROAD Goes to Washington

A CLASSY BROAD is thrilled to be heading east to DC as an official selection of the Washington Jewish Film Festival. ACB will have two screenings on May 20-21st - the first, available by pre-sale tickets only for Saturday, May 20th at Bethesda Row Cinema at 2pm followed by a screening on Sunday, May 21 5pm at E Street Cinema in Washington DC.

Tickets for saturday screenings before 6:15pm are pre-sale only in observance of Shabbat. Tickets to these screenings will not be available for purchase at the door.

One of the largest and most respected Jewish film festivals in North America, the Washington Jewish Film Festival (WJFF) is an international exhibition of cinema that celebrates the diversity of Jewish history, culture and experience through the moving image. In addition to the annual festival, the WJFF presents an ongoing, year-round film series, in our home venue at the Edlavitch DCJCC.

The WJFF annually serves over 15,000 people through 80+ screenings, nearly all of which are regional, US or world premieres. Most screenings are followed by discussions with guest filmmakers and subject matter experts -- Director Anne Goursaud and Marcia Nasatir will both be in attendance. 

The 27th Festival lights up screens throughout the DC metropolitan area from May 17-28, 2017.

For tickets and more --> CLICK HERE