“I wanted to be a Vice President. I believed it was important to have a title. I didn't want to be called a story editor because traditionally women read and men did.” 


Marcia's life-story is singular, fueled by reservoirs of feminism and Hollywood palace intrigue. A CLASSY BROAD: Marcia's Adventures in Hollywood documents her remarkable life, from San Antonio, Texas, where she fell in love with movies and storytelling, to her present-day life in Los Angeles.

Her groundbreaking career began in New York's publishing world. Through interviews, stock footage, and Marcia’s own narrative, this “untold Hollywood story” unfolds, following Marcia’s career from lone female literary agent at The Ziegler Agency where she represented writers like William Goldman, BUTCH CASSIDY and The SUNDANCE KID, Lorenzo Semple, THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR, PARALLAX VIEW, Robert Towne, CHINATOWN, to the studio United Artists where she became the first female vice-president in charge of production. At UA, Marcia championed films that have become American classics, including: ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST, ROCKY, CARRIE, COMING HOME, APOCALYPSE NOW, THE BLACK STALLION. Unceremoniously dismissed, she moved on to a career as an independent producer where she continued to fight for films that were difficult to make. She took on THE BIG CHILL, a film that had been turned down by seventeen companies and fought to get it financed. Larry Kasdan, the writer/director credits Marcia for getting his picture made. HAMBURGER HILL AND IRONWEED are some of her other credits as producer.

In 2007, Marcia teamed up with her former client and close friend, Lorenzo Semple Jr, for a film review series REEL GEEZERS that became an instant YouTube sensation.

Now 92 years old Marcia continues producing films. Her latest project is ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN. Her spirit is an inspiration to countless women and men in the film industry and beyond.