"I didn't need to watch MAD MEN, I lived it..." - Marcia Nasatir

The little film that could. A CLASSY BROAD: Marcia’s Adventures in Hollywood, had a triumphant premiere at the SBIFF. The movie chronicles the legendary career of Marcia Nasatir, now 90 years old, the first woman production VP at a major studio, United Artists.

We are currently applying to festivals, crisscrossing the country to spread the word, create an awareness about the movie, and find distribution. To accomplish all that we need your support.


Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated. In fact, we’d love to THANK YOU for your generous donation with a gift from A CLASSY BROAD:

$25 Donation: Autographed THANK YOU Postcard from Marcia Nasatir 

$50 Donation: Official ACB “Done, Next!” T-shirt (size m-xl) with graphic illustration by Kyle Hilton

$125 Donation: Autographed Movie Poster from Marcia Nasatir & Director Anne Goursaud (28”x41” poster) 

$250 Donation: All of the Gifts above 

$500 Donation: All of the Gifts above plus DVD of A CLASSY BROAD (at time of distribution) 

$1000 Donation: All of the Gifts above plus VIP Invitation to attend future Screening